About me

About me

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Hi everyone, I am Alex Tung.

Those who know me well call me “Sea Monster”. I got that nickname maybe because I really am ugly as a monster, or maybe because I am really fast and aggressive in open sea races.

I have been involved in water sports for as long as I can recall.

Beaches and swimming pools make up most my wonderful childhood memories. I was a former age-group swimmer training under the great swimming coach, the late Mr. Kee Soon Bee, who groomed many National Swimmers during the late 70’s to 80’s. 
Competitive Swimming had won me many medals, but unfortunately my life as a competitive swimmer was short-lived- a traffic accident ended it all for me when I was 14 years old. 
It was not until 24 years later in the year 2003 that I picked up my courage and enter my first swimming- related race, the Singapore Navy Biathlon. That was my first open-water race. The race rekindled my passion for swimming.... 
With a strong swimming foundation, coupled with my strong passion for the sports and competitive nature, I managed to finish this race very strongly. This race was also the catalyst that kick-started many more gruesome races for me. 
That same year, I took part in the first ever 10km open sea swim held in Singapore. I came in first, but since it was a non-competitive charity event, no official result was recorded. But it did provide me a good benchmark of my swimming prowess. To me, the result did not matter. I am just proud to be among the first batch of swimmers in Singapore to complete a 10km swim, swimming to the Singapore Merlion.

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Some of my personal achievements as follow:- 


  • 1st position (unofficial) SAC Charity 10km open sea swim


  • 2nd position (unofficial) SAC Charity 10km open sea swim
  • Finisher of The Western Australia Busselton Ironman ( 3.8km Swim split Time: 1h:00m:48s)


  • 2nd position (Age Group)/(5th overall) SAC competitive 10km open water sea swim (Time: 2h:58m:42s)
  • 1st position (Age Group) Malaysia 6.5km Kapas/Marang international Swimathon (Time: 1h:47m:40s)
  • 3rd position (Age group) Singapore Biathlon.


  • 1st position (Age Group)/(2nd overall) SAC competitive 10km open water sea swim (Time: 2h:33m:57s)
  • 2nd position (Age Group) Malaysia 6.5km Kapas/Marang international Swimathon (Time: 2h:15m:28s)


  • Finisher of The Langkawi Ironman 2007 ( 3.8km Swim split Time: 1h:00m:58s)


  • 3rd position (36 to 49yrs Age Grp) Malaysia 6.5km Kapas/Marang international Swimathon (Time: 1h:42m)
  • Ist position (age group) in the 5km Singapore Fina Open Water Championship.


  • Grand Winner of the POSB Champion Coach Award 2009
  • Finisher of the China Ironman 2009 (Hainan)
  • Ist position (age group) Trifactor Triathlon sprint category.


  • Finisher of Ironman Lake Taupo, New Zealand. PB swim split time of 56mins for the 3.8km swim.
  • 1st position (age group) Tri-factor 3k open water swim.
  • 2nd position (40 to 49yrs Age Grp) Hong Kong Bay2Bay 2k ocean swim (Time: 30mins57secs)
  • Finisher of the 10km Riau Straits Ocean swim, a Bintan to Batam island Swimathlon.


  • Registered Coach with National Registration of Coaches with NROC Level 1 (Technical & Theory) Qualification in Swimming.
  • Lifesaving Bronze Medallion- Singapore Life Saving Society
  • First Aid Certification –Singapore Life Saving Services
With my good swimming foundation, years of experience, training techniques and positive attitude, I strongly believe that I am able to share all my good traits with those who are willing to learn……and hopefully helping people to realise their DREAMs.