Adults Swimming Programs


Triathletes Programs:

Triswim Basic

Freestyle; the fastest and most efficient swim stroke and a triathlete favourite stroke will be the main swim stroke for this program. In this program, swimmers will be guided through the fundamentals (Theory and Practical) of this stroke. Main training objective will be on building a strong foundation in stroke techniques so be expected to spend most of your time doing stroke drills.

Participants suitable for this program:-
  • Swimmers that want to learn Freestyle.
  • Swimmers that want to correct and improve on their Freestyle Technique

Non swimmers are not suitable for this program, Masters Basic program will be more appropriate for them.

Triswim Intermediate / Advance
Swimmers in this program can expect to acquire Advance techniques and drills on freestyle that will help them gain greater efficiency in swimming freestyle. Endurance, strength and speed training will be the main training objective in this program. Swimmer will go through an intensive and comprehensive swim program that progressive and seasonally planned to assist them in building up towards their races. As this is a triathlete swimming program, Open water swimming and techniques will be an important part of this program as well.     
Participants suitable for this program:-
  • Swimmers that want to further improve on their Freestyle Technique, endurance, strength and speed.
Masters Swim Programs:

Masterswim Basic    

This is a basic swimming training course for non-swimmer /beginners. This program is progressive and comprehensive, it covers from the basics of swimming ( Floatation -prone/supine, breath control, kicking etc ) to the basics of the 2 major swim strokes, the breaststroke and Freestyle. Water survival skills will be covered in this program as well. At the end of this course, swimmers are expected to be able to swim breaststroke confidently and execute all floatation skills with ease.
Participants suitable for this program:-
  • Non-swimmers that wants a more progressive approach to learning swimming.
  • Beginner swimmers that need to build confident to swim in deep water
  • Swimmers that want to learn breaststroke and wants to swim for fitness.
Masterswim Intermediate   ( 10 sessions x 1.5hrs per term)
This is a followed up program from Masterswim basic. All 4 swim strokes will be the training objective for this stage. Swimmers that have acquired all the skills in the basic course are advised to move on to this program.
Participants suitable for this program:-
  • Swimmers that want to learn all four strokes.

Masterswim Advance    (10 sessions x 1.5hrs)

Swimmers in this program will acquire advance swim techniques in all 4 swim strokes through advance drills practices. Swimmers at this stage of training can then choose to specialise in their favourite stroke/s. As this is a program that prepares swimmers for masters swimming meets, be prepare for it intensity!   
Participants suitable for this program:-
  • Competitive masters swimmers
  • Masters swimmers looking for a high intensity training.

Personal Training Program

I provide personalise training for the individual that prefers training in the privacy of their home or getting the full benefit of personalise training one on one.

Corporate/Organisation/Clubs Training Program

Private group lessons can be organise for any organisation or clubs.Special Corporate rates are available on request.